Raksasa sudaaaaahhhhh

By: Raksasa Gorgon

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Tuesday, 16-May-2006 15:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Awek main guitar



Ok aa..
aku tak kenal pun awek nih... tapi sbb dia cun... pastu dia main guitar.. aku amek jer gambar dia tanpa segan silu sekali...
nak marah marah aa...

aku tak tau nak upload yg mana.. last-last aku upload dua2

Tuesday, 16-May-2006 07:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Light trail series

2 post yg lepas ialah entry utk light trail series from borakfoto...
tolong vote eh..


Mari lah vote beramai2

Tuesday, 16-May-2006 01:32 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Run Spidey Run!!


ok aa.. gambar cantik2 aku pergi edit mcm sial.. mmg patut pun kena penampar.....

Run, spidey.. Run!!!

Monday, 15-May-2006 16:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Light trail bebeh....


I'm sitting on the sidewalk,
What a wonderful place to talk.
The sun shines on my shoulders
While I'm sitting on the sidewalk.

I'm sitting on the sidewalk
With my radio on.
The music makes me feel good
As they play my favorite songs.

I hear J.P. in the morning,
Then Ernie calls the game.
When the ball goes in the stands
He will say the city's name.

As I'm sitting on the sidewalk
With my radio on,
All I have are memories
As the voices are long gone.

The radio has gone silent,
The Great Voice has passed.
There's no more J.P. in the morning,
And Ernie has called his last.

They were great while we knew them.
They left us all too soon.
Their sounds were just like music
As their words brought us the tune.

Now there's a new voice for the talk show,
And another calls the game.
While the melody keeps playing,
The tune is not the same.

Still I'm sitting on the sidewalk
With my radio on.
The voices keep on changing,
But life must still go on.

So I'm sitting on the sidewalk
As the world goes by.
I sit back to witness
The lovely Detroit sky.

I see stars up in the heavens,
It is quiet on this ground.
From my seat on the sidewalk
Life is peaceful all around.

There is lots of room beside me
And plenty of time to talk.
Instead of racing through your life so,
Slow down by sitting on the sidewalk.

Poem from http://home.sprynet.com/~jeffharp/poetry.htm

patut konon2 ada motion blur aa kat font tu.. tapi tak jadiLOL ... aaa malas edit....

Saturday, 13-May-2006 16:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Argghh... bengang nyer aku....

Malas stadi seh....

huhu.. malas nyer aku nak study... pening kapla..
kalau sini expert on rough set.. sila la contact aku paan-at-uniten.edu.my
-at- tu tukar jadi @ (takut spam bot)

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